Maximize Ad Revenues with Real-Time Bidding

FunnelWide’s supply-side platform (SSP) allows for app developers and publishers to maximize advertising revenues via Real-Time Bidding (RTB). We leverage programmatic tools to successfully allocate inventory and manage monetization

Enjoy Full Transparency & Complete Control

our publishers always have full data transparency and complete control over ad inventory… at all levels. Gain instant power to sell ad space to premium buyers at private marketplaces, monetize unsold inventory and take advantage of competitive pricing via programmatic direct

programmatic selling models

Access the World’s Largest Ad Exchanges

FunnelWide’s SSP gives you direct access to the world’s largest ad exchanges. This instantly throws you into the mix… with larger sources of demand. Plus, you’ll be able to establish individual partnerships with media buyers and retail inventory via creative selling options

inventory management and control

Score Top Performing Ad Units for Premium Demand

Benefit from our proprietary data to dynamically manage relationships across desktop, mobile, native and video. Our all-in-one ssp platform gives you granular control over both direct and indirect inventory

Once you’re in the driver’s seat, you can utilize selective search, configure price floors, approve top-quality demand partners and even blacklist specific ads from being displayed on your app or website. You’ll also be able to manage the pulse of your campaigns in real-time, plan your trading strategy and use advanced forecasting to drive profit for years to come!  

Devices, Channels, Creative Ad Formats

Succeed with Video and Mobile Inventory

FunnelWide’s SSP gives you access to high-quality ads across screens operating systems and channels. Choose the best-performing ads for your target audiences, monetize your video and mobile inventory and gain instant power to attract top-tier media buyers. It’s time to offer your premium ad space and maximize your revenues with minimal efforts!

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Why Publishers Choose funnelwide SSP

Generate the Best Possible CPM

funnelWide’s SSP opens up a world of possibilities. Our platform is powerful, built with deep machine learning technology that is easy to use and drives tangible results. Publishers depend on FunnelWide to carefully monitor real-time market conditions, determine inventory pricing and calculate the ideal value for EVERY unique impression. No more guessing games… only increased fill rates and maximized profits

Mobile Advertising Made Easier

Publishers have easy integration options, from our our lightweight SDK, to tags, to our API, we simply have one of the most flexible solutions on the market. You can now monetize in-app advertising space with any ad format you need, and via rich media ads that are non-intrusive and don’t frustrate users. FunnelWide works seamlessly in a speed-sensitive mobile environment… and it literally takes mobile advertising to new heights.

Drive Revenue with Header Bidding

Header bidding gives publishers an entirely new source of demand and A LOT more exposure. FunnelWide’s supply-side platform allows you to offer ad inventory to all major premium demand partners willing to pay top-dollar for maximized reach. Drive competition and monetize your content to the fullest!

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header bidding wrappers effectively solve the problem of waterfall-style setup and successfully increase bid density on your primary server