Supply-Side Platform

funnelwide’s supply-side platform (ssp) offers unparalleled opportunities for app developers and publishers to maximize advertising revenues directly with premium real-time bidding (rtb) programmatic solutions for inventory allocation and monetization yield management

Integrated Yield Optimization Programmatic Platform

with funnelwide’s ssp, publishers get guaranteed full data transparency and complete control over ad inventory at all levels. sell your ad space to premium buyers at private marketplaces, monetize unsold inventory via rtb auctions and enjoy competitive pricing with programmatic direct

programmatic selling models

high-volume deals with quality buyers

funnelwide’s ad serving SSP works with the world’s largest ad exchanges, which gives publishers access to larger sources of demand. All integrations inside the funnelwide programmatic ecosystem ensure safe and transparent trading environment

with our ssp, publishers can establish individual partnerships with media buyers and retail inventory through a multitude of selling options. sell inventory on your terms today and generate supreme yield with funnelwide

inventory management and control

top performing ad units for premium demand

publishers can now use proprietary data to manage multiple relationships across desktop, mobile, native, and video – everything from a single, all-in-one ssp platform. experience granular control over your direct and indirect inventory using selective search, configuring price floors, approving certain demand partners and blacklisting specific ads from being displayed on your website or app

manage inventory real-time, plan your trading strategy using advanced forecasting and close truly profitable deals!

Devices, Channels, Creative Ad Formats

Full Support for Video and Mobile Inventory

with funnelwide ssp, digital publishers can offer high-quality ads across screens, operating systems, and channels. Choose the best-performing ads for your audiences among the display, banner, native, text, video, mobile, and innovative ad formats that would look great on any device

funnelwide offers mobile SSP and video SSP to monetize your video and mobile inventory. Attract top-tier media buyers by offering them your premium ad space and drive incredible revenues with minimum efforts!

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Why Publishers Choose funnelwide SSP

Generate the Best Possible CPM

funnelwide’s Sell-Side Platform is built on the top of the deep machine learning technology that adapts to real-time market conditions. Determine your inventory pricing and let the Optimal Floor Price feature calculate the ideal value for every unique impression. Increase fill rates while selling your inventory for the highest price!

Integrate Mobile Advertising with Ease

funnelwides’ lightweight SDK is a flexible solution for mobile publishers to monetize their in-app advertising space through rich media ads. funnelwide SDK solution works seamlessly in a speed-sensitive mobile environment, delivering relevant ads across all mobile demand sources, without interfering user experience. Take your mobile advertising to the next level!

Drive Revenue with Header Bidding

Header Bidding integration in conjunction with funnelwide Supply-Side Platform allows publishers to access additional sources of demand, gaining greater exposure. Offer your ad inventory to a multitude of demand partners simultaneously and initiate a powerful competition. Uncover the real value of every impression. Monetize your web and app audiences to the fullest!

explore the benefits of header bidding integration

header bidding wrappers effectively solve the problem of waterfall-style setup and successfully increase bid density on your primary server