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technology tailored to you

funnelwide reaches your audience on a personal level by delivering relevant, consumer-segmented content to the right user at the right time, to yield high engagement that inspires quality conversions

funnel content through the right channel

monetize your content with a data-driven, valued-based media strategy – by channel – your way

native advertising

content-driven approach

  • publish and distribute personalized content to build relationships with your target audience – driving more value and scale to your business
  • reach, engage and acquire the right user at the precise moment of personal relevance with a seamless, fully immersive native experience for your brand
  • leverage real-time, data-driven insights for targeted audience and creative optimization and custom-tailor inventory supply and pricing to deliver performance

mobile advertising

mobile target strategies

reach your mobile KPI’s leveraging smart, scalable and strategic mobile web and in-app campaigns complete with sophisticated user targeting and data tracking to reach users with pinpoint accuracy – at the right mobile moment – everytime

  • target mobile web and in-app ad environments
  • select relevant content and app categories
  • build targeted domains and apps lists
  • leverage browser & OS version with device specific information
  • utilize 3rd party data to reach your target audience
  • get granular with hyperlocal geo-targeting and more

video advertising

brand-centric consumer connections

an effective and personal touchpoint, video advertising blends a unique approach to target and connect an audience emotionally with your brand – our platform delivers video ads in a way that promotes a non-disruptive, sensory driven user experience – delivering engagement, information and education – to new heights

leverage custom audience targeting plus keep control of your video advertising

  • enable playback methods based on viewing intent
  • target player size for optimal content performance
  • manage start positions of ads relating to content
  • control location of ads for view-ability

connected tv advertising

connect with households via the big screen

connect and engage with viewers where traditional tv intersects with digital marketing – at home in their living room

  • deliver non-skippable, high-impact branded video ad experiences into the highly responsive ctv environment
  • reach tv viewers with pinpoint accuracy utilizing digital targeting strategies
  • efficiently retarget tv viewers across their devices to convert to buyers

meet your audience where they are and stay connected with connected tv

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how funnelwide helps agencies and brands

we’ll find consumers who are interested right now, educate and inform them about your product or service, and move them to convert immediately. we’ll also stay connected to those that don’t act right away and get them to convert in the future

generate new revenue

our focus is entirely on driving brand awareness, engagement and new conversions for your agencies and brands at a cost that makes sense – that’s why funnelwide often becomes the single largest source of new sales for our clients

expose your brand to millions

content marketing through funnelwide delivers immediate results. it also communicates your message to thousands – if not millions – of prospective customers who will be more likely to remember your brand and buy your product in the future

one platform, one invoice

funnelwide is a single platform that connects you to all the tailored supply you’ll ever need, with full data transparency and control, and one invoice – simplicity redefined

complete visibility

many programmatic platforms consume dollars from campaigns while providing little or no value – with funnelwide – you see exactly where every dollar is being spent and what results are being generated

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