explore the benefits of header bidding integration

header bidding wrappers effectively solve the problem of waterfall-style setup and successfully increase quantity of demand partners bidding (or, bid density) on your primary server

with funnelwide’s new header bidding technology, it is easier to run pre-bid auctions. Now publishers can offer inventory to all demand partners at the same time, allowing them to compete for your available impressions. When publishers simultaneously offer inventory to as many ad buyers as possible, the bidding competition goes up on the per-impression basis, escalating prices and generating a higher yield

the more demand partners you work with, the more unique price offers you receive. funnelwides’ robust network of media buyers globally offers exclusive partnerships. funnelwide header bidder connects your niche audiences with premium buyers for competitive auctions that jump-start sales. We guarantee up to 50 percent increase in revenue streams. That’s the power of funnelwides’ Header Bidder

funnelwide’s header bidding solution flattens the publisher’s waterfall, adding a true liquidity for every single impression. all operations move from the user’s browser to the funnelwide remote server, significantly eliminating latency issues and passbacks. with horizontal, equal flow, publishers can fill their high-value digital inventory with the largest gain from the high programmatic demand

header bidding

Our header bidding technology helps publishers boost sales efforts for exceptional revenue generation. Seamless integration along with smooth setup allows publishers to start using funnelwide Header Bidder right away. Connect to the most powerful programmatic marketplace, experience dynamic bids and remarkable competition from global brands to win impressions. funnelwide allow others to get to know the real value of audiences

wrapper solution

With our powerful wrapper solution, publishers can handle multiple header tags in one place. Publishers can manage the list of their demand partners easily. funnelwide wrapper solution is designed to regulate multiple requests, run auctions, and push the winning bids to the ad server on time everytime. Acting as a gateway, our wrapper solution measures all bidders on the same metrics, leaving the final decision to the publisher’s ad server

in-app header bidding

funnelwide brings the benefits of advanced bidding and competitive auctions to the mobile ecosystem to help app developers uncover the real value of their digital inventory. funnelwide in-app Header Bidder is designed specifically for a speed-sensitive mobile environment, providing a low-latency solution with an easy SDK implementation. The new-generation in-app header bidding solution gives mobile publishers the opportunity to handle auctions with multiple demand sources at the same time, monetizing mobile traffic to the fullest

server-side header bidding

Speed up ad ops with server-side header bidding, which allows running auctions outside the publisher’s web page. Header bidding container is hosted by funnelwide ad server, and all incoming and outgoing calls go through our remote server. Now publisher’s can collaborate with as many media buyers as they wish because it doesn’t affect the performance or load speed of their website. funnelwide takes the load off publisher’s shoulders, allowing them to concentrate on sales and gain more profit

advanced analytics

When using funnelwide Header Bidder, publishers get access to in-depth reporting that provides details of the sales across all header-bidding integrations in the system. Advanced analytics give publishers more insight into the bids, latency speed, and partner performance metrics. Use reports to customize sales strategy to boost advertising income even further

customizable advertising formats

our programmatic-driven advertising formats are fully customizable and can be tailored to make your campaign as effective as possible

escalate sales with funnelwide header bidder

allow thousands of digital buyers to bid on impressions, and manifest ultimate control by choosing the most appealing bid